DJ Jeff Maas

About Jeff Maas

Amsterdam based DJ and MC Jeff Maas (‘80) started as a hip hop dj and MC in 1995, organising his own parties and freestyle sessions. As years passed, the samples used in hip hop music became a big inspiration for collecting more rare and abstract funk and soul vinyl records. It wasn’t until the year 2012 when Jeff got reintroduced to house music due to friends who took him to his first underground house party …….  A life changing experience.

From that day on he knew that house music was his calling and started to invest in better equipment and making the switch from vinyl to cdj’s.

Jeff opened and played with some established names (Luuk van Dijk, Chris Stussy, Dj Jean, Alle Farben, Juan Sanchez, Joran van Pol, Mirella Kroes, Shir Khan, Ken Fan, Marco Loco, Roni Kush, Vakabular, Styline, Jonny Acrobat, Steffie Ditzel, Samotarev).



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